About Us

M&C Energy Pty Ltd (formerly Creative Energy Solutions) is part of the M&C Energy Group which has 21 offices in 15 countries and over 4,000 clients in over 40 countries worldwide.

Worldwide Prescence

Since 2003, we have provided a range of consultancy services to a broad variety of clients from all sectors of the Australian National Electricity Market.

M&C is the market leader because we offer services others cannot, including:

  • being able to advise on forward electricity contracts which are considered ‘financial products’ under legislation. This is because we are one of the few consultancy groups specialising in the electricity industry that holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL No. 237359) issued by the Australian Securities and Industry Commission;
  • the management team having significant first-hand experience in managing retail and generation hedging portfolios in the de-regulated electricity market which commenced in Victoria in 1995;
  • a complex and detailed market modelling capability created by the management team and specialised staff. Utilising their wide-ranging skillsets and experience, the model is continually developed and maintained to provide the best possible market forecasts. The spot-forecasting methodology has been advanced over five years and has been used by our clients for a wide range of applications.

M&C is the world leader in energy procurement and compliance services, with over 35 years' experience of helping clients save money and improve energy efficiency.

Around the world, many of the largest organisations – from public bodies to blue-chip companies – choose M&C as their preferred partner.  We serve more than 4,000 clients, with a combined energy spend of over $12.5bn.

They turn to us because we combine global expertise with local knowledge.  We have a global reach, with 24-hour operations and extensive international experience, but we have a detailed understanding of each energy market, its local complexities and its challenges. M&C Energy Group has over 400 experts ready to put their energy into optimising the cost and sustainability of yours.

We aspire to be the number one international provider of added-value energy and carbon management solutions, focused on enhancing our customers’ competitiveness.

What we do
M&C Energy Group provides key support throughout every aspect of the energy procurement and contracting process, and beyond.  We ensure that our clients only enter into the right contracts with the right supplier on the best commercial terms available.

We help clients control their costs, making sure that charges are accurate and any taxes or tariffs are appropriate.  We work to reduce our clients’ energy consumption, helping organisations manage environmental compliance and price risk effectively.  Our comprehensive service encompasses professional energy management and carbon reporting services that deliver savings, while optimising potential environmental and sustainability performance.

How we do it
Our team of experienced analysts achieve significant savings by combining robust analytical processes with a forensic pursuit of the truth.  With detailed site surveys by our engineering and environmental teams, we focus on managing usage as well as costs, providing a two-pronged approach that allows our clients to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Our carbon management specialists take full responsibility for reporting improved sustainability performance to external stakeholders, meeting both compliance and CSR obligations.