Wholesale gas prices have become increasingly volatile in recent years, seriously affecting many companies that rely on gas for heating or manufacturing processes.  M&C Energy Group can help you to manage this volatility, giving you better and more controllable costs.

M&C Energy Group has operations around the world, with analysts providing local expertise and a vast network of contacts with traders and suppliers.  This ensures that, as a Group, we have more than extensive market intelligence and technical analysis, we also have a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of the wholesale gas markets.

Our approach provides our analysts with a rich database of information, allowing them to interrogate key market data and price drivers on a real time basis.

The combination of specialist knowledge, market information and technical analysis ensures that we can provide significant support in controlling our clients' costs, even in difficult times.  We offer an informed purchasing solution that includes a full analysis of all terms and conditions, formats and charges.

To find out how we can help you improve your gas cost management, contact us today.