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Cost conscious large energy user

Yes – We have a number of different cost options ranging from fixed fees to completely performance based fees for our services. We are prepared to build an option to suit the needs of our clients.

Environmental charges

Yes – just like energy, environmental certificates trade on public exchanges and their price is a function of the balance between demand and supply. This means that when you purchase the certificates (or when the retailer purchases them on your behalf) is a major influencer of price.

Favoured retailers

No – M&C is an independent consultancy firm and does not receive payments from retailers for any services that we provide to our clients.

Short term contract savings

Yes – Areas where savings could be achieved include:

  • Network tariff reviews – optimising the network tariff the site is on to ensure the lowest cost is being charged. It is quite common that sites are not charged on the most optimum tariff.
  • Bill audits – Over the past 4 years we have discovered over $6 million in erroneous charges on behalf of our clients.
  • Contract reviews – over long term contracts we find that many changes of law can be passed through unfairly, or to the greater advantage of the retailer. We have successfully negotiated improved outcomes on behalf of our clients.
We understand you can make us future savings, but can you save us money on bills we paid a couple of years ago?

Yes. M&C Energy Group has designed and developed its own suite of sophisticated and powerful IT systems, enabling our analysts to conduct retrospective analysis and cost auditing exercises. This analysis identifies discrepancies quickly and allows us to pursue refund opportunities without delay. We have a very thorough approach to all billing activity - our team physically checks invoices and supplier downloads for errors or discrepancies, allowing us to actively pursue overcharges, which can be backdated on behalf of our customers.

There are many different companies offering similar services, how do M&C Energy Group differ?

We really are different from the other companies, in a range of ways which you'll find beneficial. We are an independent consultancy firm, so we are not influenced by suppliers. By constantly monitoring the world markets, our global data analysis ensures that we only work with the suppliers who give us the best prices, which we can pass onto our clients.

M&C is one of only a few consultancy groups specialising in the energy industry that holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL), issued by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. This licence enables us to provide advice on financial products.

These are just a few of the ways that we differ from our competitors, for a more comprehensive list of our differences, look at our Why Choose Us page.

I have heard that some companies opt for flexible electricity or gas contracts. What are these and can M&C Energy Group negotiate and manage them?

Yes. M&C Energy Group can manage this type of contract in the relevant markets. Flexible contracts allow customers to be responsive to market opportunities and reduce the risk of contracting at market peaks – focusing your purchasing on the underlying 'negotiable' energy components and providing complete price transparency.

M&C Energy Group builds up a detailed consumption history for all our supply sites. Can we access this information ourselves?

Yes. M&C Energy Group has developed a bespoke online reporting tool which can be made available to our clients.  This online reporting system allows clients to view consumption and cost data for each site, along with meter data when applicable.  You can also compare the consumption and cost data of different sites.  The data can be viewed in text or graphical format.  Contact us today to discuss how access to better information can help your business.

We have an overseas sister company, can M&C Energy Group use their expertise there?

Our national teams within Europe, Asia and America are at the core of our organisation and their innate understanding of local issues is invaluable. This localised knowledge, combined with our global network of data collection and monitoring systems is used by all of our analytical staff to interpret data and make informed decisions on behalf of clients.

So, the answer is: Yes - no problem.

Our Company likes to move swiftly to make savings. How does M&C Energy Group handle market changes, and how quickly can changes be implemented?

Constant market monitoring has always been a core activity for M&C Energy Group because timing is so crucial when it comes to purchasing energy. Our information systems, used in connection with our experience, enable our analysts to monitor and react to developments in real time. 

We have developed a complex and detailed market modelling capability. Utilising the wide-ranging skill-sets and experience of the Directors and specialised staff, the model is continually developed and maintained to provide the best possible market forecasts. The spot forecasting methodology has been advanced over many years and has been used by our clients for a wide range of applications.

Once M&C Energy Group has looked at the bills we've paid, and hopefully made us savings, is that the end of the project?

Our involvement spans the whole life of the project, and can go much further. With a wide variety of services on offer, we can work together for a long as you want us to.

M&C’s services are designed to deliver ongoing, genuine value to your bottom line, continually seeking savings. We can work with you for as long as you are receiving benefits from our work.