Environmental Services

As the Green and Sustainability agenda continues to gather global momentum, consumers find themselves having to satisfy increasing demands from governments and customers to improve environmental performance.

The alternative is to face increased taxes, pay penalties or even worse, to lose orders and revenue.

M&C supports all aspects of environmental reporting and compliance, while helping to identify, evaluate and implement environmental efficiency and improvement projects through the delivery of the following services:

Environmental Compliance

Climate Change Levy (CCL)

Managed incorrectly, environmental taxation can be a costly expense.  The Climate Change Levy (CCL) currently operates as the main environmental taxation scheme in the UK, placing a tax on the energy consumption of all organisations and can be extremely expensive for energy intensive companies.  However, a rebate of up to 65% is available for organisations able to achieve a Climate Change Agreement (CCA) with governing body DECC.

  • M&C Energy Group acts on behalf of clients to pursue a CCL rebate, undertaking all the necessary work associated with the application
  • We currently manage over 400 Climate Change Levy agreements annually in the UK, helping our clients avoid over £4.3m of environmental taxation
  • As fully registered Emissions traders we can facilitate all client requirements relating to the buying and selling of carbon in order to meet Climate Change Agreement targets
  • Given our insight into our clients' position relating to CRC, we also look to build out the process of managing, reducing and driving cost savings via emissions reductions across the organisation


The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EUETS) is the world’s first international trading scheme for carbon dioxide emissions.  The Scheme places a limit on the amount of carbon emissions large industries are allowed to emit into the atmosphere, with businesses that emit more than their limit required to buy ‘allowances’ for their extra emissions.  M&C Energy Group is ideally placed to manage all of our clients’ needs relating to the EU Emission Trading Scheme:

  • Our extensive knowledge and experience of energy efficiency in relation to environmental legislation helps clients minimise the impact of the EU ETS
  • As registered Emissions Traders, M&C Energy Group is able to risk-manage exposure to EU-ETS prices in order to maximise value on behalf of our clients
  • As active traders in carbon emissions in the UK and Europe, we provide a professional and efficient service in this area, ensuring we source the best possible solution for our clients

CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

The CRC has huge financial and administrative implications on around 5000 of the UK's top organisations.  We believe it is therefore essential that any organisation required to participate in the scheme is fully aware of the implications of the legislation and how to achieve the most from it.

  • We are ideally placed to offer our clients a complete CRC administration and management service, dealing with the entire CRC process on behalf of our clients
  • We manage the whole process, from initial registration, reporting and maintenance of the evidence pack, to carbon trading and on-site support in the event of an audit by the scheme administrators
  • Our expertise and systems allow you to concentrate on your core business, freeing up your people to add value to your operations
  • Our CRC package can be provided on the basis of a stand-alone service or as part of a far more comprehensive carbon management and energy reduction strategy

Our CRC Service breaks down into 3 core areas:

  • CRC administration, reporting and budget forecasting and analysis, with support of specialist compliance teams and our robust compliance reporting systems
  • CRC Strategy to look at strategies and risk management associated with the CRC
  • CRC Performance to look at linking CRC Strategy to Performance execution with the objectives of reducing cost, carbon and exposure to risk.

Emissions Trading

The introduction of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme in 2005 and the creation of a market for the mandatory trading of carbon credits as part of the Kyoto Protocol firmly established carbon as a new tradable commodity. In 2009 alone, global markets exchanged over 8bn tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, with a total value of over £70bn.

M&C Energy Group is a fully accredited Emissions trader and expert in carbon and energy risk management, enabling us to trade emissions and assist with compliance with schemes such as those listed above.

  • We actively trade & risk manage carbon in the UK and mainland Europe allowing us to provide service in this area in an efficient and professional manner
  • Our extensive knowledge and experience of energy efficiency in relation to environmental legislation helps our clients to minimise the impact of schemes such as the EU Emissions Trading Scheme

Carbon and Sustainability Reporting

Driven by a need to enhance brand perception, by legislative changes and by the very real benefits of cost optimisation, many organisations are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of their supply chains.  In the private sector, many organisations are now voluntarily disclosing Carbon emissions.

The driving forces behind this are threefold:

  • The increasing cost of energy and volatility of the energy markets
  • The growing level of regulatory pressure, particularly in EU member States
  • The increasing interest that the public now has in sustainability, and the impact that has on banks, investors, NGOs and other organisations

In order to meet these challenges a robust and comprehensive carbon and sustainability structure is required for organisations to effectively communicate with both internal and external stake holders.

Reporting initiatives that M&C can support clients with typically breakdown into two core areas:

Voluntary Schemes

  • CDP
  • Dow Jones Sustainability Index
  • Carbon Trust Standard
  • NHS Sustainable Development Initiatives

Corporate Reporting

  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Sustainability
  • External Marketing, Product and Customer Activity
  • Internal Cost & Carbon Reduction Measurement

CDP Management

Many private sector organisations are now voluntarily disclosing data to initiatives such as the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and other tracking mechanisms such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the FTSE4Good.

In terms of carbon emissions, the accepted global standard of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol identifies emissions attributable to an organisation, categorising emissions into three areas or Scopes (Scopes 1, 2 & 3).  With the calculation and reporting of Scope 3 emissions (predominantly supply chain/product service use) presenting a major challenge to many organisations, M&C Energy Group feels we have the answer.

We use an established methodology based upon academic research from the leading players in this field to determine a full scope (Scopes 1, 2 & 3) carbon footprint for your organisation and undertake all of the reporting and performance challenges through our advanced systems with the support of our expert teams.

Carbon Footprinting

M&C Energy Group recognises that the first stage of any active Carbon Management Strategy is accurate measurement: ‘if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it’.  This is particularly true of carbon and there are number of ways to measure and report what is now popularly known as a Carbon Footprint.

A Carbon Footprint is simply the total amount of greenhouse gasses which are emitted both directly and indirectly by an organisation, product, service, person or project.  Establishing a Carbon Footprint holds many advantages for businesses:

  • Provides a competitive edge in today’s environmentally sensitive commercial markets
  • Enhances Corporate Social Responsibility as an environmentally aware organisation
  • Can lead to bottom line savings – saving money and increasing profits
  • Can result in reduced emissions output – reducing the risk of dangerous climate change

M&C Energy Group is experienced and well-qualified to establish Carbon Footprints on behalf of clients. We deal in Carbon Footprints of all types, from Organisational Carbon Footprint based upon the widely accepted GHG Protocol, to Product Carbon Footprints in line with increasing consumer interest in Carbon Labelling.

Carbon Labelling

The appetite for reducing the environmental impact of organisations has resulted in a number of factors becoming more and more important.  The drive for commercial advantages, improved marketing messages, supply chain pressures and environmental considerations is leading more organisations to adopt transparent Carbon Labelling as a way of clearly communicating their performance.

We have the experience and qualifications to establish Carbon Labels or Product Carbon Footprints on behalf of our clients and are accredited under the following schemes:

  • Carbon Trust
  • Carbon Label

In addition to enabling organisations to gain these recognised carbon labels, M&C’s groundbreaking services deliver additional value to our clients beyond standard carbon footprinting techniques.