Demand Side Management

Many energy supply contracts include premiums and penalties related to variations in the pattern of consumption on your sites.  M&C supports the management of this consumption profile on a daily basis.

If you have any on-site generation, we can help you schedule its activities and, more importantly, help mitigate both cost and risk if that generating capacity ever fails.  Hundreds of our clients have succeeded in reducing cost and minimising risk through these load management services.

Peak Demand Management

Even by optimising your portfolio for just a few key days of the year, you can reduce your peak period demand to make significant annual cost savings.  The process for optimising peak demand management tends to vary by country, but we provide you with the appropriate local process to firstly alert you to the periods for management, and secondly to maximise the potential reduction.

Transport Cost Optimisation

All energy and utility costs have an element that covers transporting the commodity between its production and its consumption.  However, these costs can often be minimised if consumption is shifted away from times of peak-time demand to times of off-peak consumption.  M&C Energy Group provides a detailed measurement and control process that shows where consumption is occurring and presents opportunities to optimise your consumption profile.

Consumption Forecasting

Increasingly, your organisation will be obliged to provide suppliers with demand forecast information and pay penalties for inaccurate forecasts.  M&C provides a comprehensive suite of forecasting tools based on understanding your energy assets and consumption drivers, and mapping those to your production and operating plan.

Asset Optimisation

In many countries, there are schemes that offer the chance to generate income or reduce costs by reducing your consumption when the transport network operator or supplier asks you to.  M&C provides the knowledge and processes to register for these schemes, together with the capability to fulfil your obligations under them, while monitoring performance and recording any commercial gain.