Cost Control

M&C Energy Group is a proven market leader in recovering historical overpayments for our clients.  Helping them to make sense of the complexity of energy charging and, in some cases, facilitating refunds in excess of 100% of annual cost.

The complexity of utility supply is an unfortunate reality.  With different data-collection methods, the volume of data collected and the myriad of charging elements used by suppliers, invoicing can often be inaccurate.

Also, many commodity markets’ charging structures are rooted in monopoly and tariff-based structures, leaving customers with a limited range of options.

Our experience shows that most of our customers have significant potential for recovering historic overcharges following invoicing errors as well as the chance to make cost reductions by optimising charging structures.

Our history of working closely with customers, suppliers and regulators is well recognised within the industry.  Over many years, we have pioneered a detailed tariff management process that ensures charging policies and tariffs are applied fairly and appropriately for the services provided.

Ensuring clients are charged accurately and according to appropriate tariff mechanisms stretches back to the beginnings of M&C.  Simply put, our ability to deliver detailed, thorough and successful cost recovery services is second to none.

Forensic Cost Audit

The cost control process begins with a detailed forensic audit of the charges claimed by suppliers over a period of several years.  Going beyond the industry standard of a contract and consumption review means that costs are scrutinised for their accuracy to ensure that metering, transmission and transportation, distribution and supply are all being charged according to the correct supply set-up.  Tariffs and options within charging structures are evaluated to investigate every possible saving opportunity.

Once completed, a comprehensive report of our findings is presented to the client detailing the action required to improve charging structures, rectify any anomalies and recover any overcharges claimed.


Onsite Inspections

Over many years of managing utility costs, M&C has recognised that a desktop-only review of charges is rarely sufficient to ensure a thorough evaluation of all possible cost reduction opportunities.  Many such opportunities arise from the way in which charging elements relate to the physical supply arrangements within a site and invariably these are only evident from an onsite inspection.

M&C Energy Group employs experienced water and energy engineers to investigate every detail of the way charges are applied to support the audit process.


Cost Recovery

Once all opportunities for the recovery of refunds have been identified, the process of implementation begins.  M&C’s analysts take full responsibility for negotiating with suppliers at all levels to ensure a speedy recovery of all monies, including any compensation payments to which the client is entitled.

Cost Reduction

Following the presentation of our analysis of cost reductions available through tariff optimisation, M&C deal directly with commodity suppliers to secure the savings. Working on the clients’ behalf, we assume responsibility for ensuring that any necessary adjustments to charging mechanisms are reflected promptly on supplier invoices.  As part of our reporting processes, a detailed evaluation of annual cost savings achieved on a site by site basis is provided to clients.

Electronic Data Store

M&C Energy Group has invested heavily in bespoke systems to provide instant access to copies of all supply invoices, together with metering and supply contracts, legal consents and other relevant documentation.

We also maintain a database of all electronic information including half-hourly meter data, AMR data and electronic meter readings.  All of this is held for a minimum of 6 years and is made available to customers on demand to support business decision-making as well as legal and taxation obligations.


Annual Health Check

M&C provides a comprehensive annual review of budgetary and actual cost performance supported by detailed consumption data.  The summary includes a general market report and overview, all of which is presented to our clients face to face by their Account Manager.